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Training Programs

The National Center for DWI Courts is the key organization to organize and host training programs for courts that want to become a DWI Court.

DWI Court Training Program PictureThe National Center for DWI Courts (NCDC)  is the key organization to organize and host training programs for courts that want to become a DWI Court. With the funding and partnership of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), three training programs were developed. The 3½ Day Planning training; 1½  Day “Operational Tune-up” training; and 1 Day Regional training. The training program a court attends, will depend on the current status of the court.

The 3½ Day Planning training program is designed for teams that are not currently operating a DWI Court. These trainings are held at DWI Academy Court locations, where the teams attending the training programs are able to observe role model DWI Courts in action. (see application)

The 1½ Day “Operational Tune-up” training program is designed to provide existing DWI Courts the opportunity to “tune-up” their operations based on the latest science and best practices related to the DWI/Drug Court field. (see application)

The 1 Day Regional training is designed for existing DWI Courts looking to upgrade and expand. This training is designed along the similiar lines of the “Operational Tune-up” training and provides best practices and research for the DWI/Drug Court field in plenary sessions without the breakouts offered in the Operational Tune-up training. (see application)

NCDC training programs are team-oriented. The following professions should be represented on each team:

  • Judge
  • Prosecutor
  • Defense Counsel
  • Treatment representative
  • DWI/Drug Court coordinator/ Planning coordinator
  • Expert in research or evaluation
  • Probation/Supervision
  • Law Enforcement

When a jurisdiction applies for the training, they must coordinate with their State Highway Safety Office (SHSO) if they want their travel funded by the SHSO. The SHSO will determine the teams that will be provided with funding to attend the training (noting that they have received the application and their approval) and then forward this information to the Impaired Driving Division of NHTSA via e-mail. A listing of SHSO’s is attached.

While these training programs would not happen without support from NHTSA, it is important to also recognize the support of the individual State Highway Safety Offices (SHSO). It is the SHSO that covers the travel costs for the team, such as airfare, lodging, and meals. In offering training through NCDC, NHTSA and the SHSO’s are demonstrating a commitment to working with local communities to prevent and control impaired driving, substance abuse and crime. With a well trained team, that commitment will be continued.

For more information, please contact the National Center for DWI Courts.