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Operational Tune-Up

The National Center for DWI Courts (NCDC) 2-day Operational Tune-up Training is designed for DWI or hybrid drug/DWI court teams that have already taken the NCDC DWI Court Foundational Training. This operational tune-up provides advanced practices to enhance the court program built on the 10 Guiding Principles for DWI Courts and the National Association of Drug Court Professionals' Best Practice Standards.

Your team will benefit from one-on-one interaction with our experts while developing an action plan to maximize your resources and integrate best practices into your DWI court program.


“NCDC’s Operational Tune-Up training is a MUST for any DWI court in existence over 5 years!  It gives you a chance to review your process and get it running smoothly again.”

- Steve Ward, Prosecutor, North Carolina

"The NCDC Foundational and Operational training is about developing teamwork, by establishing trust, communication, collaboration and unity within DWI Court Teams.  Our goal is to give each of our participants the proper treatment needed to live a Safe, Sober and Successful Lifestyle with the necessary skills to succeed in life".

- Caesar Cisneros, Deputy Sheriff, California

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Sample Sessions

Addressing Disparities

Our expert faculty address disparities seen in treatment court programs across the country to bring awareness.  The goal is to identify disparities in your own program and develop a plan on how to address these issues to increase client success and decrease liability.


Responding to Client Behavior: Incentives and Sanctions

This session presents the scientific principles of behavior modification  among DWI offenders, and teaches how best to apply incentives and sanctions based on the risk and need level of program participants.


The DWI Court Treatment Continuum

This session reviews the growing body of evidence on best practices for treating offenders in DWI courts in an effort to ensure both the court team and program participants see positive results based on personalized treatment plans.

Impaired Driving Trends & Emerging Issues

Our expert faculty review the latest research showing current trends in impaired driving and provide guidance for DWI court programs on how to effectively address these emerging issues.

DWI Court Phases & Requirements

This session addresses the need for distinct phases of progress for DWI court participants on their path to program completion.

DWI Court Target Population

This session will use best practices to help DWI court teams identify their target population, which will best leverage resources while maximizing the court’s impact on the justice system and local community.