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Operational Tune-up Training

The National Center for DWI Courts' (NCDC) two-day operational tune-up training is designed for DWI or hybrid drug/DWI court teams that have already taken the NCDC DWI Court Foundational Training. This tune-up training teaches advanced practices to enhance your court program built on the 10 Guiding Principles for DWI Courts and National Association of Drug Court Professionals' best practice standards. Your team will benefit from one-on-one interaction with our experts while developing an action plan to maximize your resources and integrate best practices into your DWI court program.

2022 Operational Tune-up Training will be delivered locally September 8-9, 2022, and NCDC experts will travel to your jurisdiction!

To participate in operational tune-up training, each interested jurisdiction must complete the application and submit it, along with a letter of commitment from the presiding judge, for consideration and approval by the Administrative Office of the Court or State Highway Safety Office for funding by Friday, June 3, 2022.

Sample Sessions

Responding to Client Behavior: Incentives, Sanctions, and Therapeutic Adjustments
This session presents the scientific principles of behavior modification among impaired drivers and teaches how to best respond to behavior based on the risk and need level of each program participant.

Intent vs. Impact
The best intentions sometimes result in unintended consequences. This session will identify and address where the intent of policy and program decisions can have a negative impact on participants or the program itself.

Multidisciplinary Team
This session will address the role of each team member and how to work and communicate effectively as a team toward a common goal.

DWI Court Treatment Continuum
This session reviews the growing body of evidence on best practices for treating participants in DWI courts in an effort to ensure both the court team and program participants see positive results based on personalized treatment plans. Special attention will be given to understanding recovery and recovery-oriented systems of care.

DWI Court Target Population
This session will help your team address issues with current eligibility criteria for program entry and will provide key factors to consider for expanding the program’s census and focusing on equity and inclusion.

DWI Court Phases
This brief refresher will address the fundamentals in developing phases and the overarching focus of each phase for participants.