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DWI Court Foundational Training

The National Center for DWI Courts (NCDC) 3.5-day DWI Court Foundational Training is designed for courts not yet operating a DWI court program, teams that have had significant staff changes, or teams that have never attended an NCDC training before. This training uses the 10 Guiding Principles for DWI Courts and the National Association of Drug Court Professionals' Best Practice Standards to design an effective program for treating repeat DWI offenders. Your team will benefit from one-on-one interaction with our experts while developing an action plan to maximize your resources and integrate best practices into your DWI court program.

The mission of NCDC is to provide training and assistance for implementing new DWI court programs and improving existing programs. Thanks to the support of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NCDC is able to assist DWI courts by providing evidence-based resources and best practices that will improve outcomes for program participants and improve both public health and public safety for our communities.

All Foundational Training takes place at one of four NCDC Academy Courts. In addition to hosting training, these exemplary courts receive staff from other jurisdictions for site visits, play a significant role in participating in research and media, and serve as a national model for DWI courts. Click here to learn more about each Academy Court and get access to court materials.

2020 Foundational Training

Application Process Open

Some Foundational Training are moved to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic

March 15-18, 2021 | Billings, MT 

August 11-14, 2020 | Duluth, MN - Virtual 

November 17-20, 2020 | El Paso, TX - Virtual

December 7-10, 2020 | Athens, GA - Virtual


"NCDC's nationally acclaimed instructors provide an unparalleled training experience. By learning the latest evidence-based practices and observing successful DWI courts in action, you'll be prepared -- and inspired -- to build or refine a program that makes your community stronger and safer."

- Judge Matthew Anderson, California

“The NCDC Foundational Training offers a thorough and intense 3.5-day journey through the guiding principles that have revolutionized the criminal justice system. Revisit the genius of the founders, and prepare to take your renewed leadership skills home to successfully change lives and make your community a safer place to live.”

- Judge Patrick Bowler, Michigan


“The NCDC Foundational Training and Operational Tune-Up are essential and invaluable trainings. Working in a DWI court is not intuitive. A team doesn’t become a team just because they spend time together. There are methods and best practices everyone on the team must learn in order to be effective. Both of these trainings deliver high-caliber, cutting-edge content designed to help us become the very best we can be.”

- Judge Shaun Floerke, Minnesota

"Participating in a 3.5-day Foundational Training provides participants an unparalleled opportunity to prepare their team for the challenging responsibility of starting or continuing to operate a DWI court. I have discovered that each time I participate as a faculty member, I always come away with new knowledge to enhance my DWI court team once I return home."

- Gary Bowen, Senior Probation Officer, Georgia

"Our team attended this training in Athens last December. It is an exceptional training experience for your team, regardless of how long your court has been operating or how long your team has been together. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

- Judge T. Russell McClelland III, Georgia

Sample Sessions

The 10 Guiding Principles of DWI Courts

Our expert faculty review the 10 best practices of DWI courts and assist court teams in identifying practical application strategies to maximize program effectiveness and efficiency.


Responding to Client Behavior: Incentives and Sanctions

This session presents the scientific principles of behavior modification  among DWI offenders, and teaches how best to apply incentives and sanctions based on the risk and need level of program participants.


The DWI Treatment Continuum

This session reviews the growing body of evidence on best practices for treating offenders in DWI courts in an effort to ensure both the court team and program participants see positive results based on personalized treatment plans.

DWI Court Target Population

This session will use best practices to help DWI court teams identify their target population, which will best leverage resources while maximizing the court’s impact on the justice system and local community.


Community Supervision & Alcohol/Drug Testing

Our expert faculty provide critical information related to monitoring and supervising DWI court participants, as well as the importance of consistent alcohol and drug testing.

DWI Court Phases and Requirements

This session addresses the need for distinct phases of progress for DWI court participants on their path to program completion.

Multidisciplinary Team

Each team member plays a vital role in the success of DWI court. This session enables teams to discuss and identify the responsibilities of each team members while engaging in activities to improve cohesion.

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