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dwi-court-fact-sheet_2016-2002018 DWI Court Fact Sheet

The latest NCDC DWI Court fact sheet included total number of operational programs.


Traffic Safety Fact Sheet 2015 Alcohol-Impaired Driving_Page_1

Traffic Safety Facts: 2016 Data

A new report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows impaired driving remains one of the single most serious threats to public safety, and underscores the need for more DWI courts.


CARS Implementation Process Evaluation

An evaluation of 6 pilot sites that implemented CARS into their services of DWI offenders. The study addresses implementation processes and outcomes utilizing CARS.



Michigan DWI/Sobriety Court Ignition Interlock Evaluation  - 2016

Guiding Principle #9 of the Guiding Principles for DWI Courts discusses the importance of evaluating a DWI court program.  This handbook is designed to provide DWI courts with the knowledge to understand what is needed to do a proper evaluation.



Driver's Use of Marijuana in Washington State

Working with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, NHTSA assisted the State in conducting a roadside study to examine the prevalence of marijuana use before and after sales began. The study also examined drivers’ use of alcohol and other drugs.

812202-countermeasuresthatwork8thNHTSA: Countermeasures that Work: A Highway Safety Countermeasure Guide for State High Safety Offices 8th Edition, 2015

NHTSA latest edition of its report that explores major highway safety strategies and countermeasure use, effectiveness, costs, and implementation time; and provides references to the most important research summaries in individual studies. 

all-site-summary-mn_dwi_all_site_summary_august_2014_final_for_ots NPC Minnesota Statewide DWI Court Evaluation - 2014

The evaluation consisted of 9 Minnesota DWI courts and their effectiveness following the 10 Guiding Principles for DWI Court to  decrease DWI recidivism and produce cost savings.

untitled-georgia-final-studyNHTSA Georgia Study on 3 DWI Courts  - 2011

An evaluation of three DWI courts in Georgia asked the ultimate question: Were DWI courts more effective in reducing recidivism?  The conclusion was a clear: Yes, the DWI courts were more effective. 

watc_outcome_evaluation-final-draft-doc-watc_outcome_evaluation-final-draftTemple University Evaluation on Waukesha County, WI DWI Court - 2009

A strong evaluation of the DWI court program showing significant recidivism rate reductions for DWI court participants in comparison to non-participants.

mi-dui-outcome-evaluation-final-report-re-release-march-2008-mi-dui-outcome-evaluation-final-report-re-release-march-2008_0NPC Evaluation on 3 Michigan County DWI Courts - 2008

Positive findings were reported in a three-county evaluation of DWI Courts in Michigan.  The study found better outcomes for DWI court participants in comparison to non-DWI court participants.