The Bottom Line150The Bottom Line - Research Update on DWI Courts

Get the latest research supporting the efficacy of DWI Courts, including the Campbell Collaboration’s meta-analysis, the duration of effects on recidivism, the impact on the reduction of crashes, and cost-effectiveness. The Bottom Line is a must read for all DWI Court practitioners and stakeholders. Download.

Guidelines for the Use of Ignition Interlock Devices in DWI Courts - FinalIgnition Interlock Device Guidelines for DWI Courts

To help DWI Courts understand the role of interlocks in their program, the NCDC has developed the Ignition Interlock Guidelines for DWI Courts.  These are designed to give a DWI Court some information about interlocks and how the DWI Court may want to use them. Download.

The Bottom Line150DWI Court: First-Time DWI Offenders - In or Out?

DWI courts are designed for high risk / high needs offenders.  Get the research on who a DWI court should be targeting.

The Promise of DWI Court: What Does It Mean and Why Should Prosecutors Care?ARTICLES - Published Chapman Article

This law review article looks at DWI Courts, the reason for their success, and why prosecutors should be involved with the DWI Court in their community. Download.


2011 NCDC Checklist Final-Form_0DWI Court Checklist

Research has indicated that a "good-quality" DWI Court significantly reduces recidivism. But what is a good-quality DWI Court? The answer is found in the 10 Guiding Principles for DWI Courts as set out by NCDC. Download.


DWI Ct Eval Manual REVISED-8-10Introductory Handbook for DWI Court Program Evaluations

Written by Dr. Doug Marlow, this handbook is designed to provide DWI Courts with the knowledge to understand what is needed to do a proper evaluation.  This NCDC publication was produced with support from NHTSA. Download.


Guiding_Principles_of_DWI_Court_0_Page_01The 10 Guiding Principles for DWI Courts

DWI Courts follow the Ten Key Components of Drug Courts and the Guiding Principles of DWI Courts. It is the Guiding Principles that set out the guidelines for DWI Courts. Download.



AdultDrugCourtBestPracticeStandardsAdult Drug Court Best Practice Standards

This two-volume publication is the most comprehensive compilation of research-based, specific, practitioner-focused Drug Court guidance ever produced.  A must read for anyone working in treatment court.

Painting the Current Picture 2016Painting the Current Picture

NADCP’s newest report detailing the expansion of drug courts and other treatment court models, including DWI courts and veterans treatment courts, as well as the latest research.

Fact Sheet Aug 16Fact Sheets

Get up to speed on the latest research related to key issues facing treatment courts.  NDCI’s most recent fact sheets explores Medication Assisted Treatment.

Drugged Driving150Need to Know Briefs

Produces in conjunction with NADCP, our Need to Know briefs tackle tough issues to help you improve your program.


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