Strength of a Multidisciplinary Team

On September 26th, the Faulkner County DWI Court team celebrated the graduation of several of its participants. While a participant’s graduation is only possible due to the tremendous work of the participant struggling with addiction, the DWI Court team is absolutely critical in helping each participant achieve his or her goal of sobriety. The DWI Court team spends many months supporting and guiding the participants through the program.

However, one of the shining stars of the DWI Court team technically is not even a team member at all. He’s the court’s bailiff, Deputy Justin Hasson. He is the bailiff assigned to Judge Susan K. Weaver’s court. Hasson’s sole duty is to provide courtroom security, including Judge Weaver’s DWI Court. As a certified law enforcement officer, he has taken an oath to “protect and serve” the public. To some in the public that may just be a motto on the side of a patrol car, but to Deputy Hasson he obviously takes public service seriously.

When the DWI Court team was planning its recent graduation ceremony, Hasson had witnessed the astounding transformation into sobriety of the DWI Court participants. He also knew about the non-existent budget that the DWI Court team was working with. Without being asked, Hasson took it upon himself to reach out to a friend (and restaurant owner) to see if they would be willing to provide food for the participants, participants’ friends and family, and the team to have a lunch provided after their graduation. Not only was Hasson able to secure a catered lunch at a hugely discounted price, but he also had anonymous donors donate to the cost of the food. This was all done in the name of service.

Hasson’s actions should not and have not gone unnoticed. They are an example of the selflessness and compassion he has for others. He set a high bar for how law enforcement is there not only to protect, but also to serve. Our hats go off to Deputy Justin Hasson and his exemplary dedication to his profession.