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Webinar: Compassion, Connection, Outcomes Part 1

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You know the NADCP 10 Key Components. You know Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards. Now let us share with you how to integrate best practice with compassionate healing, while reducing recidivism. Nothing is ultimately effective without healthy human connection. We will share with you, an integrated understanding of addiction, recovery, alliance and best practices for specialty courts.

Research shows that the best predictor in clinical outcomes is the perceived alliance to the helper. Through sharing a rapidly expanding body of research surrounding brain development, trauma and resiliency, we will present a moving depiction of addition. We will share how a compassionate presence in all team members, is an essential component to recovery and better outcomes. We will explore how building alliance with clients improves adherence; and striving for adherence versus compliance is essential to effective intervention.

A Judge and treatment provider will work through the complexities of providing compassionate care, while maintaining fidelity to ethical and confidential regulations; as well as adherence to DWI Court Best Practices.

Presented by Honorable Shaun Floerke and Julie Seitz, Director at the Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Duluth, MN.
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