Denver Operational Tune-Up

By Shane Wolf / April 12, 2017

NCDC traveled to the Mile High City to bring our Operational Tune-Up Training to 5 DWI court teams in Colorado. We strive to provide cutting-edge research and information in an interactive way, and this was no exception. We introduced a new team-building activity where teams had to accomplish the following tasks by working together: build an…

Serving Veterans in DWI Courts

By Shane Wolf / April 7, 2017

There is an emerging trend across the country in which more and more veterans are enrolling in DWI court programs, but these men and women are not always aware of the range of services for which they qualify. This webinar will take a deeper look at the transition from active-duty service to veteran civilian status,…

Foundational Training Vancouver, WA

By Shane Wolf / February 2, 2017

We love every chance to travel to the Northwest, even in January.  Five teams joined us for our Foundational Training in Vancouver, WA.  Teams from Alaska, Oregon and Washington state learned everything from the guiding principles of DWI courts to targeting high risk/high needs DWI offenders.  We would like to send a special thanks to…

Foundational Training Heads to Newport Beach

By Shane Wolf / December 5, 2016

We love California in December so much that we invited five teams to join us for our Foundational Training in Newport Beach.  Teams from Delaware, Arkansas, Idaho, Vermont, and California were on hand to learn everything from targeting high risk/high need DWI clients to learning to work together as a team.  We would like to thank…

Doing More for Veterans in Illinois

By Shane Wolf / November 22, 2016

Illinois’ Second District Veterans Treatment Court is saving lives every day, but they wanted to do more. Thanks to the support of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, NCDC traveled to Chicago this week to provide training on the most effective ways to treat repeat DWI offenders in veterans treatment court. When a community comes together to…