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NHTSA: Driver’s Use of Marijuana in Washington State

By Shane Wolf / August 25, 2016

Working with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, NHTSA assisted the State in conducting a roadside study to examine the prevalence of marijuana use before and after sales began. The study also examined drivers’ use of alcohol and other drugs. Click here to read the study published by NHTSA

Webinar: Asset-building / Strength-based Case Management

By Shane Wolf / May 27, 2016

Asset Building/Strength Based Case Management Presented by Shane Wolf, NCDC Project Director It is easy to make judgement’s about a person’s character and lifestyle based on their static factors. The webinar will discuss strategies and tools that can be used to focus on the skills the client brings to the program and ways to build…

Webinar: Cultural Competency

By Shane Wolf / May 26, 2016

Cultural Competency Presented by Maggie Morales-Aina, West Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Director Cultural competence is the ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures, but how do we measure or know if we are interacting effectively when the team is comprised of the same culture and worldview? This webinar will dive into the…

Webinar: Role of Defense Attorney

By Shane Wolf / May 19, 2016

The Role of the Defense Attorney Presented by Pam Loh, JD The defense attorney plays a complicated role on the therapeutic court team. They are there to advocate for the rights of their client, but are faced with challenges of disclosure. This webinar will focus on the role of the defense attorney in a therapeutic…