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Denver Sobriety Court Tackles Phases

By Shane Wolf / July 26, 2018

We conducted an Operational Tune-Up in Denver, CO in 2017 and had the opportunity to start helping the Denver Sobriety Court make changes. After continuous contact with emails and phone conversations, Project Director Shane Wolf traveled to the mile high state to provide a one day workshop on converting to the 5 phase model. The…

Pay for Success

By Shane Wolf / July 10, 2018

Pay for Success: New Funding Strategy for Your Program Pay for success (PFS) is an innovative funding model that connects private investors with local governments to support social programs. If the program achieves agreed-upon outcomes, the government repays the investor. If not, the investor takes the loss. By reducing the government’s financial risk, PFS encourages…

The Deadliest Drug

By Shane Wolf / July 1, 2018

States have made progress against the carnage caused by drunken driving. But they’ve been much slower in dealing with the nearly 80,000 other deaths alcohol use causes every year. This is a great article published by on the alcohol epidemic and how DWI courts are a proven model to combat this growing issue. Stand-alone…

NCDC Trains in the Home of Paul Bunyan

By Shane Wolf / June 29, 2018

NCDC spent a week where everything is Paul Bunyan as we conducted two Operational Tune-Up trainings in Minnesota. 8 teams learned about ways to improve team dynamic and communication while also hearing about the ethical obligations of each team member. The trainings were great and a special thanks to Minnesota State Treatment Coordinator, Abby Kuschel,…

Fun at Conference

By Shane Wolf / June 1, 2018

We at NCDC had a great time connecting with teams we trained and spreading the message of DWI courts. Thank you everyone who came to our sessions or stopped by the booth. We wish Project Director Cliff Jacobs the best as he takes on a new journey as court coordinator with the Baltimore drug court.…